Principal's Welcome

Hello! My name is Todd Rohlen and I am proud to be the new principal here at Coventry Village School. My last name is a bit odd, but it is pronounced like you are rowing a boat and leaning back, “row-LEEN.” I am happily married to Tracy and we have two children. Our daughter, Neva, is turning five this summer, and our son, Marshall, was just born this past January. We live way down in Jeffersonville, right near Smuggler’s Notch, with our dog, Zilla, and our cat, Meow Meow. We love being outside, traveling to friends and family, and exploring. I am most passionate about three things in my life: skiing, my family, and helping all kids become successful adults! As I am getting to know the CVS community, it is clear that there are great things going on here. The children all have skilled, caring adults helping them progress. With your help, I know they can all be successful.

Be sure to check back here for more resources you can use. I firmly believe that all parents want what is best for their children, but sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what that looks like. Having parenting philosophies and strategies based on research is definitely a relatively new phenomenon, but they are out there and they really work. Like our modern teaching, we can be strategic and deliberate in our approaches in helping children be the best prepared for life. Parents and guardians can also be active participants in their children’s education. Reading has been well proven to be the single best thing children can do to help their brains develop. If possible, read with your children daily. It is so good for them and is super fun!

Here is an example of the sort of resources I will be sharing. If you have a child that perhaps learns a bit differently than other students, school can sometimes be a bit trickier to navigate. However, there are strategies that can be used. Seth Perler, for example, is an “Executive Function Coach.” Executive function is the parts of the brain that help us get stuff done. Some kids really struggle with this. Some adults do, too! Seth has a ton of free resources and strategies available at his website, A great place to start is here. I will share more tips, strategies and resources throughout the year.

Please stop in and introduce yourself to me. The home/school partnership is so important. I will be in all summer and would love to get to know folks.

Thank you and enjoy the summer weather!

Todd Rohlen

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