Principal's Welcome

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Students at CVS are challenged with love and given the support they need to develop the skills and dispositions required for a successful and happy life in the 21st century. 
At CVS, we believe in the potential and value of all children. We also believe that "Working harder makes you smarter" and that it is always important to "Be Kind."  

Sometimes in life we can help most when we push our children to grow beyond what might be comfortable for them, because only then will they discover what they can really accomplish.  In my fourteen years as an educator, I have never worked with a more dedicated, professional, and committed staff of teachers.  Daily, we break down the barrier between "child" and "adult" to connect with unique individuals, demonstrating that we care enough to know our students as people, with unique desires, skills, and dispositions. 

We also know that developing character is directly connected to learning and that in life it is almost never just about "what" you know, but about "how" you treat others.  The smartest person in the world won't accomplish much true change if he or she can't work collaboratively or communicate in accessible, respectful ways. 

Just as we constantly hold students to ever higher standards, staff at CVS believe we should model the growth mindset we expect all students to have.  Which is why we meet weekly in our Professional Learning Teams to set goals around student learning and learn the new approaches and skills necessary to meet them.  Staff at CVS know that we need to be "lead learners" here and that one of the most influential things we can do for students is to teach through our actions. We know that Emerson was right when he wrote, "Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying."  

For parents of CVS kids, know that you are the most important component of your child's success in education; time after time research has shown that a child's academic success is determined
before they ever set foot in school.  How often you read to, speak to, and interact with your child are the factors that help their brains develop; they are the factors that prepare them to be successful in an academic environment.  It is beyond doubt that the more involved you are in your child's education, the better they will do.  We invite you to come to the school, talk to your child's teacher, or just have lunch with them; it will make a difference, we promise you.

Matthew B. Baughman
Matthew Baughman, Principal